Mission and values


Our mission is to hold leading positions in the industry of non-alcoholic beverages.

Quality System

Management Quality System of working out and manufacturing is certificated for compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and ISO 9001-2009 international requirements.

Quality System ISO 9001-2009


High quality of CJSC «MZBN» products was awarded more than once in various nominations at international and republican contests of beverages and mineral water. Every year the enterprise receives the main awards in Best Product of the Year (2004, 2005), Product of the Year (2007, 2008), Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus contests held in our country.


CJSC «MZBN» — an official partner of the Association «Belarusian Football Federation», the 2010 season, the company also sponsors the hockey club «Yunost» (Minsk).

About the Company

CJSC «MZBN» (Closed Joint-Stock Company «Minsk Soft Drink Factory») was founded in 1966 as an isolated department of Belarus Brewery with a 6,000,000 million litres designed capacity a year.

Recognized high quality of manufactured products

At present the enterprise is the largest manufacturer of mineral and potable water, non-alcoholic beverages in Belarus with a total capacity of more than 22 million litres a year, as well as is the only manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus, which possesses a hot pour technology. The technology allows manufacturing of products in PET bottles without adding preservatives.

Products are based on plant’s own natural sources of mineral and potable water located in the territory of the enterprise. At present the enterprise assortment includes 11 trade marks, among which well-known ones such as Minskaja-4, Bela-Cola, Rosinka, Fun-Fun, Multitel, Kvasych and others.

Manufacture and pouring of alcoholic beverages and fortified wines is carried out at the enterprise. Artesian water is only used for manufacture. Natural and nature-identical components are purchased from the best manufacturers of Germany, Holland, Poland and Slovenia. Great attention is paid to the quality management system operating at all products phases.

CJSC «MZBN» products received numerous awards at international professional degustation expositions.

Today the CJSC «MZBN» structure also includes Vilija-Agro enterprise, which specializes in cultivation of grain crops and manufacture of cattle-breeding products (milk and meat).

CJSC «MZBN» has its own distribution and logistics system, which meets advanced standards in FMCG sector, covering regional representation offices in all regional cities of the country.

Enterprise products are presented in all regions of Belarus. They are exported to the Russian Federation and the European Union countries as well.