Well-developed distribution system allows delivering goods throughout the territory of Belarus and beyond its borders.

Quality System

Management Quality System of working out and manufacturing.

Quality system

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and ISO 9001-2009 international quality management systems are applied at the enterprise and control of activity in the sphere of ecological standards is carried out. For manufacture of products artesian water from the plant’s own underground sources located in the territory of the enterprise with a depth of 106 — 419 meters is only used. Great attention is paid to quality management system operating at all products phases.

Manufacture of mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages is certificated for compliance with EU standards for phytosanitary in force, which allows supplying products to all countries of the European Union.

Natural mineral water manufactured at the plant complies with the following requirements of international standards:

  • originated from natural sourced protected from any pollution;
  • poured directly in bottles at a distance of no more than 50 meters from the source;
  • has a strengthening effect for the organism;
  • extracted only by officially recognized method, from officially registered sources;
  • water is of natural purity. When manufacturing such waters, the use of any methods which can change initial, natural characteristics is inadmissible, except for purifying of mechanical impurity and mixing of waters from various wells.

The enterprise possesses the right to mark mineral and potable water with a BioNatural product sign.

Competitive products

Six automatic transfer lines for manufacture and bottling of potable and mineral water, non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks, syrups are installed at the enterprise. Manufacture and bottling of alcoholic beverages and fortified wines is carried out at the enterprise as well.

Usage of new technologies, application of high-quality raw materials and materials, modern disinfectants is the main condition in manufacturing competitive products.