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Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Drink

Bizon. Energy. Strengh. Taurine free.

Energy drinks (energy tonics) are strongly carbonated non-alcoholic beverages containing tonic substances, the most common of which are caffeine, guarana extracts, tea or Paraguay tea having caffeine and other stimulators, as well as vitamins (more common ones are B group, vitamin C), carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose) as easy of digestion energy sources, adaptogens. Energy drinks help get rid of weariness and drowsiness, find vivacity and raise vitality, and get strength for work, study and sport.

There are energy drinks containing taurine, the action if which according to dieticians is unknown till now, and there are energy drinks that does not contain taurine.

BIZON is the first taurine free Belarusian energy drink. It contains only caffeine, extract of guarana seeds and vitamins which give energy and strength. Stimulating effect of Bison is reached by joint action of guarana and caffeine. Caffeine is needed to wake you up, and guarana essentially prolongs this effect (GUARANA is an effective remedy for increase of efficiency, overcoming physical and intellectual weariness). Such composition has a longer effect on the organism, but does not cause sleeplessness and irritability.

Drink Bizon if you:

  • Are an 18 — 22 year man (guy);
  • Are active, modern;
  • Are optimistic, sociable;
  • Go though strong intellectual or physical activities;
  • Have spirit of rivalry and struggle


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Beverage Components

Prepared water, sugar, concentrated apple juice, Guarana base material (extract from guarana seeds, sugar colouring agent, caffeine), acidity regulator — citric acid, Lemon natural flavouring agent, СustoMix BEV 4 vitamin premix, preservative — sodium benzoate.

Food value

  • 12.7 g/100 cm³
  • 49.1 kcal/cm³
    Energy Value
  • 1.2 mg/cm³
    Vitamin E
  • 0,24 mg/cm³
    Vitamin В6
  • 2,14 mg/cm³
    Vitamin РР
  • 18,0 mg/cm³

Product shelf life

  • 180 days
    Shelf life
  • 0°С to 22°С
    Storage temperature

Product storage

The product should be stored in dark places