The plant occupies an area of more than 3.38 hectares. All natural sources are located in the territory of the plant.


Natural mineral water

CJSC «MZBN» is the only manufacturer of Minskaja-4

Minsk Soft Drink Factory, the only manufacturer of Minskaja-4, became an owner of Certificate No. 1 in Belarus of the right to use the name of a place of the goods origin for all types of potable and mineral water of the Minskaja line.

Water extracted from an officially registered, protected natural source located at a distance of no more than 50 metres far from manufacture, which has specific organoleptic and curative qualities can be named Minskaja-4.

Mineralization of water and its flavouring qualities are caused by sandstones of the Redkino Horizon of the Volynsk and Valdai series located in the territory of the city.

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All wells are in the high security fenced zone.

Some wells jointly run uneven-aged water-bearing horizons.

The exploited water-bearing complex is situated in depth intervals of 320-390 metres.

Water origin

The history of Minskaja-4 mineral water origin goes back to 1929, when an underground source with unique qualities, which nowadays has the status of a protected and officially registered one, was opened at the depth of 410 metres. It happened at outskirts of the city of Minsk in an ecologically pure place as a result of survey work with participation of the legendary geologist Gerasim Bogomolov.

Manufacture of Minskaja-4 water was started in 1978, and it is the main brand of the enterprise till now. Four wells are tested and run by CJSC «MZBN» on the site of a mineral water deposit. Steady preservation of mineralization and salt composition degree of underground waters in the course of water selection throughout the whole period of operation is a prominent feature for the site, as well as for all deposits of Minskaja group mineral waters.

Well No. 3
Well No. 4
Well No. 5
Well No. 7
390 m
418 m
390 m
380 m
360 m
Put into operation in 1967. Initial depth of the well made 418 metres.
Drilled in 1978 at the depth of 390 metres. Water produced was put on retail sale under Minskaja-4 trade mark.
Drilled in 1987 at the distance of 19 metres from well No. 4 at the depth of 380 metres. Water mineralization is similar to water in well No. 4.
The youngest well. It was drilled in 2003 at the depth of 360 metres.

Chronology of putting into operation of wells

Well No. 3 was put into operation in 1967. Its initial depth made 418. But, as received mineralization exceeded mineralization required for bottling with curative and drinking purposes, the bottom interval of the well was plugged from 418 to 390 m.

Since 1978 Minskaja-4 curative table mineral water has been bottled on the basis of wells No. 4 drilled in 1978 and No. 5 drilled in 1987. Well No. 7 was drilled in 2003 with the aim of detection of low-mineralized mineral water (1 g / dm3). Water of the specified mineralization was not received and well No. 7 was put into operation as a reserved one of wells Nos. 4 and 5.

Wells are located in the territory of the plant within a high security fenced zone in the form of a line (wells Nos. 3-4-5) 47.9 metres long.

Historical background of mineral water. The first bottles. Implementation of policies on quality and safety is ensured on basis of hazard analysis and critical control points in the course of product quality and safety management systems.

Photos of first packages

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Useful properties of Minskaja-4 mineral water

Curative effect of fresh natural mineral water consists in replacement of cellular water with partially destroyed structure for individually structured water, which allows increasing a life time and operating efficiency of absolutely all human cells, as well as in beneficial complex influence on the whole organism, which allows it to suppress internal centres of pathologies on its own.


Beneficial effect of elements on the organism


It is the basis of a bone tissue, activates major enzymes, participates in maintenance of ionic balance in the organism, influences the processes of neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems, blood coagulation.


Participates in more than 300 reactions of the organism, magnesium stimulates stable functioning of nervous system, formation of bones, exchange of carbohydrates and energy metabolism, improves cardiac muscle blood supply.


Protects water from influence of microorganisms, promotes formation of gastric juice, stimulates movement function of the gastrointestinal tract, provides alkaline reserves of blood plasma, participates in regulation of blood pressure, water exchange, activation of digestive enzymes, regulation of nervous and muscular tissues.


Regulates acid-base balance of blood, participates in transfer of nervous impulses, activates muscular work of heart and some enzymes, skin and kidneys, normalizes blood pressure. It has diuretic influence, helps the organism remove salts and surpluses of water.

Carbonic acid

Improves the taste of water, promotes appetite. It plays one of the leading roles in wildlife, participating in many processes of live cell metabolism.


Stimulates exchange processes in the organism, improves secretion of a stomach, pancreas, small intestine.

For the last several years Minskaja-4 natural mineral water has received a lot of awards and titles, among which gold medal and Grand Prix highest award at the XI International Professional Contest of Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Mineral Water.

Compliance with international standards

Natural mineral water of Minsk Soft Drink Factory complies with all requirements of international standards:

  • Originates from a natural source protected from any pollution;
  • Bottled at a distance of no more than 50 metres from the source;
  • Has a strengthening effect on the organism;
  • Extracted only by an officially recognized method, from officially registered sources;
  • Water of natural purity, without the use of methods which can change its initial, natural qualities, except for purifying of mechanical impurities and mixing of waters from various wells.