Quality System

Management Quality System of working out and manufacturing.


The enterprise manufactures low-alcohol drinks, as well as manufactures and bottles liqueur and spirits and fortified wines.



A traditional series of low-alcohol carbonated drinks on the basis of artesian water, natural flavouring additives and rectified alcohol of the highest purity.

Manufactured in 0.5 l and 1 l PET bottles.


Special strong grape wines

  • Primorskoe
  • Slavyanskoe
  • Isabella

The wines are made from perfect grapes which have absorbed the sun’s energy, characterized by the rich taste and fullness of bouquet.

Manufactured in 0.5 l glass bottles.


Dessert Liquors

Made from high-quality raw materials in accordance with a special technology.

They have a harmonious taste and a delicate aroma.

  • Berry Lux
  • Rosehip Taste
  • Coffee Classic
  • Blackcurrant Classic
  • Elite

Proof: 20%

Manufactured in 0.5 l glass bottles.


Sweet liqueurs with cognac

The liqueurs have full, soft taste and a rounding aroma of cognac. They are made on the basis of high-quality cognac spirit and natural components.

  • Cherries with cognac
  • Strawberries with cognac
  • Taste of lime with cognac
  • Cranberries with cognac
  • Black chokeberries with cognac

Proof: 20%

Manufactured in 0.5 l glass bottles.