So, what is the hot filling process?

Since 2010, MZBN CJSC has been making products without preservatives.Few buyers know how to avoid harmful microorganisms getting into drink and how the very product is made.We decided to find it out in this article about hot filling process, the features and advantages of which are explained by Natalia Dayneko, Chief Technologist of MZBN CJSC.

What is the hot filling process?

Natalia Dayneko:

- The hot filling process appraised by many European companies has for a long time been among the top ranks as regards quality.This technology is not used by any other company in Belarus.It eliminates the use of preservatives and allows preserving useful properties of juice products for up to 6 months, and even more in the long term (Biarozavik birch sap has shelf life of 1 year, note).Until recently, only products of Ukrainian or Russian companies could be seen on the shelves of shops in fancy plastic bottles, because PET bottles for juice products in Belarus are just beginning to gain popularity.

What’s new about the drinks of MZBN CJSC?

Natalia Dayneko:

- Our products are special and new because of their unique composition, special processes of production and filling into polymer containers using the hot process at 82-85°C.To produce birch and apple-carrot juices, as well as fruit drinks, we use containers of special shapes with special indicators of thermal stability.In the manufacture, the containers are non-returnable, but at home the consumer can re-use them for hot food, because they do not deform when heated and do not alter the taste of drinks.

Are there any difficulties in manufacture of products using this particular technology?

Natalia Dayneko:

- No real difficulties.The production line is fully automated, which ensures execution of all specified modes and allows to control the required process parameters.

So, what are the benefits of the hot filling process?

Natalia Dayneko:

- Hot filling into PET bottles allows to:

ª    produce almost any product, even 100% juices, with no preservatives;

ª     produce juices and drinks for customers who prefer natural and healthy products;

ª    fill drinks into lightweight, shock-resistant, convenient packaging for on-the-move consumption, such as PET bottles, while preserving their flavor;

ª     “dress the bottle in a colorful and memorable jacket-type label, which not only performs the function of advertising and information, but also protects the product from external adverse impacts, direct sunlight.

Can our consumers hope that they will in the near future buy new products without preservatives from MZBN CJSC?

Natalia Dayneko:

- Of course (smiles)!We do not exclude the possibility that in the future our line will make other products in colorful PET bottles.We are developing a line of Assorti juices (Assorti apple-carrot juice, new product of this spring, note) and juice-containing drinks with a high content of juice.

Thank you, Natalia!

Natalia Dayneko:

 Good luck!